In a pot, boil and salt the water

Under such conditions the kitchen easier to clean and to keep clean. In animals and human body fats can be deposited not only in excess in their food, but when food is sufficient or excessive amounts of carbohydrates. The most important task of a balanced diet is the right combination of all nutrients in the daily diet of the person, then they must be entered in the quantity that can cover all expenses of the body, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. After cooking, throw back on a colander and cool. A large calorie is the amount of heat that can raise the temperature of 1 liter of water by one degree.

Cooked chilled fish without skin and bones cut into pieces according to the number of servings, put them into a bowl, pour the vinegar and also put in a cold place. Before serving slice the lettuce, leaving a few leaves for decoration, and put the slide in a salad bowl. To reduce losses of vitamin C should observe the following rules: 1) do not store peeled and sliced potatoes for a long time in water before cooking; 2) not to use for cooking utensils, poorly tinned or damaged enamel; cooking food in a saucepan with the lid closed and do not leave the finished soup open; 3) lay the vegetables for cooking in boiling water (small portions, so boiling is not interrupted), avoiding, however, too rapid boiling, and digest the vegetables; do not leave the finished dish for a long time on a hot plate and in a warm room; 4) when chopping potatoes for mashed potatoes, meatballs and casseroles not to use a grinder or a metal sieve; it is recommended to use a wooden pestle or spoon, a hair sieve; 5) do not store for long welded a vinaigrette or salad vegetables, especially in purified form; 6) to cook vegetable soups and main dishes so that from the moment of readiness to serve was not more 1-1. The body's need for fat is not yet clearly established. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus form the basis of the skeletal system; calcium and magnesium, it is also extremely important for cardiac and skeletal muscles, and phosphorus to the nervous system.

If by lunchtime on the first prepare meat soup (shchi, borsch, rassolnik soup with meat, etc.), then the second dish should be easier – from vegetables, grains or fish; on the contrary, if you choose a lighter first course (soup with vegetables or soup), second cook something more substantial – a dish of meat or fish with garnish. Especially delicious this salad if it is made with freshly brewed warm potatoes. Thus, the proteins contained in the potatoes, cabbage.As for cereals, the value of their protein is also not the same. The beets are boiled or roasted in the oven, cleaned and cut into slices. Vitamin a protects from damage and also the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and digestive system. Carbohydrates are particularly rich in plant foods: grains, vegetables, fruits. The salad can be prepared in another way. So, for example, 500 g of meat when cooking borscht is recommended to take about 800 grams of various vegetables; but if meat is taken more, for example, 750 g, for cooking the same soup vegetables should take 1 kg 200 g, respectively, and increasing the rate of water. In addition to common, you can prepare small sandwiches on toasted bread, and closed sandwiches. In the salad you can add onion or green onion (50 g).